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A racer protest must be filed by a competitor of the same class. All protests must be filed in detail in writing with OGS1320 Tech Officials. Racers have to make their protest known to OGS tech official after the last car crosses the scale for the round for the class they are protesting (5 minute window). If a protest is not filed at this time, it must wait until the end of the next round.

OGS1320 Tech Officials reserve the right to protest the filing and choose to accept or reject the protest, at their discretion. A racer protest must be accompanied with the proper cash protest fee of $1,000. The protested vehicle and/or vehicle components in question will be sealed as necessary and inspected at some point before the first round of eliminations. The protested vehicle and/or vehicle components must be disassembled for inspection and re-assembled by the vehicles owner(s) and/or his designated crew.

During the inspection, only representatives of the protested vehicle may be present. If the protested vehicle is found to be within the rules and guidelines of the class, $500 of the protest fee will be given to the owner of the protested vehicle. If the protested vehicle is found to NOT be within the rules and guidelines for the class, $500 of the protest fee will be given back to the racer who filed the protest and the protested vehicle will be disqualified from the event. Any infraction(s) to the rules and guidelines of the class, even those beyond those in the original filed racer protest, will be grounds for disqualification. OGS1320 reserves the right to impose fines, suspension, disqualification, and/or revoke competition privileges for non-compliant entrants.

Refusing inspection and/or disassembly may result in the following:
1. Removal of the vehicle from competition.
2. Race suspension of the driver and loss of competition points for all previous points series events.
3. Removal of the vehicle, owner, and crew from the racing facility.

Since OGS1320 events will be hosted at both NHRA and IHRA sanctioned tracks, all safety rules and guidelines for each tracks respective sanctioning body must be followed at all times. It is the sole responsibility of each competitor to ensure that their vehicle is in absolute compliance of any and all 2018 NHRA/IHRA rules. OGS1320 class rules are solely for the purpose of insuring side by side competition and in no way shape or form supersede or conflict with NHRA/IHRA safety rules and Guidelines. All NHRA/IHRA safety rules and Guidelines must be followed at all times during the course of each OGS1320 event.

Full OGS1320 class rules are listed on OGS1320.com

All racers who participate at OGS1320 events are agreeing to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner* and obey tech official decisions. Failure to adhere will result in suspension from racing at OGS1320 events. The length of the suspension will be determined by OGS1320 and any racer that fails to abide will receive a written letter to define the violation and length of suspension.
*Unsportsmanlike conduct is a foul or offense in many sports that violates the sports’ generally accepted rules of sportsmanship and participant conduct; including arguing with/or abusing officials.

Each racer tech card entitles the purchaser: admission, ability to tech/race a vehicle, parking space for the race car and tow vehicle/trailer (if the vehicle is towed).

Racers are not permitted to set up displays (includes: manufacturer tents/flags/product displays) or sell new products of any sort in their space in the pits (this includes promotional handouts and apparel).
– Racers are permitted to use a manufacturer’s tent in their pit area for the sole purpose of parking their vehicle under the tent.
– Racers are permitted to sell up to 1 team t-shirt and hat design (The sales of apparel for individual manufacturers/sponsors is not permitted. A team that has multiple cars, each with their own sponsors is only permitted to sell 1 t-shirt and hat design for the team.).
– Racers are permitted to display shop/team flags.

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